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Making Every Lesson Count

Teaching is all we do. We are not a retail store that sells instruments or sheet music. This leaves us free to specialize in one thing: providing the highest quality of music instruction.

Reasons that make us the best choice for you.


Excellent Teachers

Cherie and Cindi

Our outstanding instructors are highly qualified with Masters Degrees in Music. Both have many years of private teaching experience as well as public school and college. In addition, they teach all styles of music: Classical, Broadway, Contemporary Christian and Contemporary Commercial. Most importantly, our instructors strive to meet the individual need of each student to accommodate their learning style and musical need.

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Tailor Made Programs

To Help Reach Your Goals

We realize that each person seeks out musical instruction for a different reason. For some the goal is to improve enough to make their personal musical experience more enjoyable. Many come because they hope to become a part of their school music programs such as the choir, show choir, stage production or jazz band. Others have serious goals in mind like music education degrees, musical theater careers, college entrance and scholarship auditions. Whatever the need, we have a qualified teacher to help you reach that goal.

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All Ages

Beginners to Advanced

We teach voice and piano to people whose ages range from 4 to 70 years old. We take care to teach what you want to learn, striving to make musical experiences more rewarding for students of all ages and levels. We teach healthy habits that will support a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

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Technical Skills

Fundamentals and Technique

We feel that sight singing and sight-reading are both an integral part of musical growth, so we do our best to incorporate learning these skills into each lesson. We teach the fundamentals of good posture, hand position (piano) and proper breathing techniques to support a healthy approach to building a musician.

Interested in starting lessons? Contact us below.

Atlantic Music Academy, 6432 South 86th Street, Lincoln, NE 60526 | 

Cherie - (732) 239-9758 | Cindi - (732) 598-7124

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