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Private Lessons

What We Offer
Private lessons ensure that the student has the undivided attention of the teacher and can progress at a level suited to them individually.
With our one on one approach we have the opportunity to get to know the personality of each student, so that their learning experience can be fun and exciting.
Children Singing in a Choir

Voice teachers at the Atlantic Music Academy believe the most important thing we do is to teach our students to sing in a healthy way with a solid technique that will serve them well no matter what style of music they choose to sing.

We can assist you with music preparation of all types:
- Auditions for your school shows
- State & District music contest preparation
- College auditions
- Church music for solos and choir
- Preparation for talent shows
- Singing for your own enjoyment
- Build confidence and self-esteem
- Sight singing and basic music reading skills

We are willing to work on all types of music with our students:
-Opera (in all languages)
-Art songs (in all languages)
-Contemporary Christian
-Contemporary Commercial Music

Piano Practice

Piano teachers at the Atlantic Music Academy believe that playing the piano provides a good foundation for any kind of musical future.

  • We use the most current method books available to keep the student excited and eager to learn in a fun environment.

  • We emphasize good practice habits and music reading skills.

  • We believe students should be allowed to move along at their own pace without undo pressure.

  • After basic note reading skills are established we can teach students to read and play chords.

Piano Lessons Anchor
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